Custom Made Furniture


If you’re looking for the custom-made furniture of your dreams, we make it easy for you to adapt the furniture to your wishes. We are Malaysia’s top custom-made wooden furniture company for your residential wood furniture including kitchen cabinet, door, bedroom and dining room, and table and chair.

We provide a solution for area issues (if any) with custom-made fixtures, offer finishing that especially suits the environment, and blend nicely with the supposed idea for the distance. Custom-made functions and information to suit the person’s preferences.

Built With Highest Quality

1. Manufacturing

At Guardsman Coating, we combine modern equipment and high-quality materials to achieve the best result for you. Our experienced craftsmen build your furniture according to exact specifications in our own factory. We are ready to give you all the recommendations you need to ensure that the end result is exactly what you expected.

2. Qualified Consultants

We would be happy to discuss the best design structure and the right choice of material for your project requirements. Again, you get a free design and planning service to make sure your furniture is exactly as I imagined it to be. All the processes involved will be consult throughout with the client a better understanding.

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our main goal is to ensure a high-value craftmanship raw materials all the way to the assembling process As a result, we owe our excellent reputation to our satisfied customers. Producing furniture that offers quality, durability, and satisfaction is very important to us. Our long tradition of quality gives you guaranteed security.

We’re a Team of Experts!

With a team of professionals, Guardsman Coating is the wizard that truly understands all of your requirements to create furniture exclusively. Share your individual furniture ideas with us and let our experts do the magic